Fights In Tight Spaces Review


5 Aug 2022
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Fights in Tight Spaces has been out for a few years now, releasing only this week on the PS4 and 5. I've had a decent time playing it this week, and this is a contemporary revisit to the title.

Why are my enemies always trained experts?

So far, brutally difficult roguelike card games are the bane of my existence (looking at you, Arena Dungeon) - and so for my sudden idea to write a review for Fights in Tight Spaces speaks volumes about Ground Shatter's vision. A turn-based action combat game that uses cards to provide your character with attacks to defeat large numbers of enemies. It's a more relaxed pace Superhot, as a elevator pitch.

I bought it because I was curious for more of the Superhot style of combat-at-your-own pace mechanics. Being a few years old, I'm not going to go into much depth about the specifics of the music and level aspects, though for the most you'll be fighting against 3 enemy types in similar environments. These are police and thugs, ninjas and mafia. A very methodical, systematic approach hampers the overall experience (who says I can't kick a guy at an angle!? Use hexcells) though when you find your niche it's easier to get into the combat scenarios with protection missions and 2 objectives.

The game is brutal, as described. I played expecting a relaxed journey into fighting tactics, though from start to finish you're always surrounded by 4 people. It's fortunate that Ground Shatter has the foresight to be interesting before you unlock the superior deck, Aggressive. Aggressive has the features needed to punch back, and dodge at one time when fighting 2 or more people, and has no grind before you unlock. If you're looking for a good combat sim, it doesn't play as advertised exactly, as there's maybe one or two points in the game that you face off against less than 2 enemies, though the game is still a great play and worth a sales purchase.

As I bought it for the combat element, I don't have issue with the side action though it should be noted the events system is borked and sparse.

+Rewarding combat
+Frenetic gameplay
+Superhot style gameplay
-A bit steep price
-Less emphasis is placed on tactics and more about luck, unless you choose specific decks
-Puzzle elements

Overall 6.7/10

Extra note: Don't buy for console if given the choice!
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