Hyundai drivers blighted by gangs targeting keyless electric cars


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4 Jun 2021
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For user convenience, these cars allow entry via smartphones rather than a physical key, which has electronic security measures in it. However, it's introduced a big security hole that allows them to be stolen relatively easily by criminals. Oh and of course, the first thing that the criminals do once in, is to disable the tracking function, so that the stolen car can't be easily located by the owner. Total bastards. I'd normally substitute a stronger word than that beginning with a c. See if you can work out what it is...

Give me a physical key any day.

Security issues and brand lock-in are the reason why I don't like putting two services together, eg Apple Pay with one's debit or credit card for just one example.

If you've got one of these cars, or other brands offering similar functionality, you better start praying that you're not targeted until this security hole is patched.

Note how the official Hyundai response to this sanitises "gangs" to "groups". Nah, just say it as it is, no one's gonna be offended by this.

Hyundai drivers are increasingly being targeted by criminals bypassing keyless technology to break into electric cars.
Owners of the Ioniq 5, one of the manufacturer’s most expensive models, are the latest to fall victim to a spate of attacks that sees thieves hack a car’s smart key to gain access.
The Ioniq 5 was the second-most stolen car in the UK during the first half of 2023, according to data obtained by Leasing Options from the DVLA.
Between January and July of last year alone, 13 Ioniq 5 models were reported stolen to the DVLA, while only one was stolen from its launch in early 2021 to 2023, figures show.
It ranked behind the Nissan Leaf, another vehicle with a keyless function, which was linked to 49 thefts in the same period.

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