Concerned BMW driver rams other cars off the motorway at up to 130mph to improve driving standards


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4 Jun 2021
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To show their gratitude and appreciation for his trouble in this selfless act, he's been invited by a UK court to spend several years at His Majesty's pleasure while wearing a fetching orange jumpsuit. Donald Trump no doubt feels jealous at not yet qualifying for said jumpsuit. Patience my friend, patience.

A motorist who believed he was an “enforcer of good driving” rammed nine cars on a motorway at speeds of up to 130mph while high on drugs, a court heard.

Gavin Bathurst-Shaw-Binning was driving like an “absolute lunatic” when he “erratically” crashed into cars on the M3 in Hampshire after taking a cocktail of alcohol, cocaine and cannabis.

For up to 30 miles, the 46-year-old driver of a BMW 125 deliberately “targeted” what he claimed were bad motorists by “shunting” their vehicles – and even tried to rip the wing mirror off one car.

After his half-hour spree of destruction on June 16 last year, Bathurst-Shaw-Binning stepped out of his car and punched his fist in the air in a “triumphant victory”, the hearing was told.

He described the reckless ride to police as a “once in a lifetime moment”.

Ah, just warms your heart, don't it? ❤️

Here's his mugshot:

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