iPhone Thief Explains How He Breaks Into Your Phone


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4 Jun 2021
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This brand new WSJ video released just a few hours ago explains how mostly social engineering tricks are used here to get into victims' iPhones, so awareness and diligence will thwart the attack, but iOS has vulnerabilities too.

Once into your iPhone, this thief could lock you out of your Apple account in 10 seconds flat and that should scare you. Also, they could go on spending sprees using Apple Pay, which is an extra attack vector on your money and hence a bad idea, no matter how much Apple tries to assure you otherwise. An upcoming security feature in the as yet unreleased iOS 17.3 will help to thwart the attacks that this thief used by adding delays to critical security options, but always remain vigilant as there's always a way round any security system, the only difference being the difficulty level.

This video demonstrates nicely why it's not a good idea to put banking apps on your phone, whether it be Apple or Android, if you can avoid it. The video is almost 10 minutes long and well worth a watch. Be prepared, not scammed.

Finally, this thief is now sitting in jail for perpetrating these crimes, as he should be.

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