Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in White House


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4 Jun 2021
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There was always the suspicion that Russia was behind Trump's election and now we finally have some hard evidence for it. In particular, it was weird how he lost the popular vote in 2016, yet won the electoral college, which is supposed to follow the popular vote. Thankfully, America came to its senses in 2020 and kicked him out before he could do any more damage. Have a read and see what you think.

Vladimir Putin personally authorised a secret spy agency operation to support a “mentally unstable” Donald Trump in the 2016 US presidential election during a closed session of Russia’s national security council, according to what are assessed to be leaked Kremlin documents.

The key meeting took place on 22 January 2016, the papers suggest, with the Russian president, his spy chiefs and senior ministers all present.

They agreed a Trump White House would help secure Moscow’s strategic objectives, among them “social turmoil” in the US and a weakening of the American president’s negotiating position.

Russia’s three spy agencies were ordered to find practical ways to support Trump, in a decree appearing to bear Putin’s signature.

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