Moaning minnie costs council thousands


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4 Jun 2021
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Given that this enormous pain in the ass was determined to have made vexatious complaints, then I think the Potto Parish Council should bill him for their unnecessary expenses incurred and pursue the money through the courts when he can't (quite likely) or won't pay up. Give this idiot some of his own medicine, that will stop him from making future complaints and will see justice done. I usually side with the little guy, but clearly here he's in the wrong.

A serial complainer who attempted to 'bring a parish council to its knees' and landed every household in a tiny village with a £500 bill has been identified as a former councillor.

Gerry Woodhouse, 64, bombarded Potto Parish Council, in North Yorkshire, with 366 pedantic complaints and freedom of information requests, which included describing members as 'hapless', 'inept' and 'corrupt'.

The sheer volume of complaints, which amounted to 1,500 pages, was so unusual it triggered an external audit costing £37,000 which the council must pay for.

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