New Alzheimer's drug slows disease by a third


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4 Jun 2021
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With all these advances in medicine, in 50-100 years the terrible diseases we've got now might all be a thing of the past. Can't come too soon.

Here's another decent advance, this time regarding Alzheimer's. Anyone living with it, or with someone who has it knows just how devastating it is, so this advance is very welcome and will hopefully lead to a complete cure, or at least an easily managed solution in the near future.

We could be entering the era of Alzheimer's treatments, after the second drug in under a year has been shown to slow the disease.

Experts said we were now "on the cusp" of drugs being available, something that had recently seemed "impossible".

The company Eli Lilly has reported its drug - donanemab - slows the pace of Alzheimer's by about a third.

However two volunteers, and possibly a third, died as a result of dangerous swelling in the brain.



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13 Apr 2022
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Alzheimer's is devastating and anything in research that could help these people suffering from Alzheimer's including there family because their family are their caretakers, would be amazing.
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