New games in progress for the C64 - showcase


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13 Jun 2021
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I do like these kinds of videos, offering a brief glimpse of what may be coming soon, but in a couple of cases, I might have wished for a glimpse that wasn't quite so brief:
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Rigor (start to 0:15): looks to be a rip off of the hyperspace/tunnel sequence from Stardust, particularly in that the 'tunnel' is a five-frame animation comprised of 1/4 of the screen duplicated and flipped to create the other 3/4. Animation looks good, but the movement of the player's ship around the screen looks a bit slippery.
Bomb (0:15 to 0:45): pretty standard Scramble-type game, but very nicely animated... and with music by the legendary David Whittaker.
Cab Hustle (0:45 to 1:20) pretty standard Thrust-type game, picking up passengers and dropping them off at their required pad.
Holcan - Warrior of the Sun (1:20 to 1:57): describes itself as a 'game idea', and appears to be essentially The Last Ninja Inca. Trevor Storey has been attached to some pretty cool recent games, though, so one to watch out for.
Limbo (1:57 to 2:37): C64 conversion of the well-regarded platform game that debuted on XBox Live Arcade back in 2010. Excellent presentation given the low resolution C64 screen, but not for arachnophobes.
Scarabaeus II (2:37 to 3:26): intriguing that appears to start as a split-screen overhead bombing run, leading to a maze game in which you have to navigate via an overhead map, with the game displaying simultaneous front and rear views.
Wolfling Reloaded (3:26 to 3:58): Nice parallax scrolling scenery, but looks like this may just be a remake of a game from 2019..?
Another World (3:58 to 4:41): Just a snippet of the intro animation for this Amiga/Atari ST conversion. It doesn't look that great as it's using the C64s higher res/lower colour screen mode. Supposedly the developer has done a lot more work on it since producing this, though.
Star Hawx (4:41 to end): Pretty simple Galaga-type game with a... poultry theme? The super-widescreen presentation doesn't help this kind of game...


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4 Jun 2021
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Couple of interesting looking games there, as you say would be nice to see a little more, I might look a few of them up.

Highlights for me have to be Cab Hustle and Limbo. Cab hustle just because I like Thrust, although I came to prefer the BBC version over the C64. Limbo is something a bit different for the C64, reminds me of a later game called Inside that was on the PC. Think Star Hawx needs a special mention but other than the strange chicken theme not much to say on that😂
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