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4 Jun 2021
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To help make this section enjoyable for everyone, please follow the guidance here.

  • Spoilers. Any discussion of a TV program or movie by definition creates some kind of spoiler - movie trailers are a good example, especially extended ones. However, try not to put any significant / major plot point spoilers in plain sight, eg plot twists, in your post and better not to discuss them, if possible. If you must discuss a spoiler, please use the spoiler tag in the forum post editor to hide them (the eye with a diagonal line through it symbol), see example below. Where a spoiler is in plain sight, your post is likely to be edited by a moderator to hide it to make it fair to others and you'll be notified of this
  • Say if you've watched all the episodes or the whole movie as that can alter one's perspective of a program significantly that the reader should know about. Also, if it was so awful that you could hardly watch any of it, that's important too
  • Your score out of 10 if you can, helps
  • It helps to link to the show on at the bottom of your post, if possible, so members can look it up. There are some shows that aren't on IMDB though, like some BBC productions

Spoiler Example

Here's the right way to discuss a spoiler. Don't worry, this movie doesn't exist.

The Space Battles movie had some great action in it, but I didn't like the ending, because

while the enemy alien mothership is blown up spectacularly by our hero, saving Earth, he's trapped on the ship and dies, making for a bittersweet ending, plus the film then just ends without an epilogue. I much prefer happy endings with epilogues to wrap up everything properly as they're so much more satisfying.



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13 Apr 2022
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Great posting guidance rules on discussions that may require the spoiler tag, adding a rating if applicable, and extra caution when discussing the actual plot of a program, series, episodes or movie.
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