Should you take statins?


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4 Jun 2021
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This is a fairly long article all about statins, their safety and their benefits. Despite the sensationalist tabloid headline, it turns out that statins are very safe and strongly recommended by doctors. I recommend reading the whole article so you can make an informed decision on whether to take them.

If you were offered a potentially life-saving drug, free on the NHS, is there any doubt you would refuse it? With experts increasingly realising that statins are the magic bullets to help halt the alarming rise in heart deaths, new draft guidance issued earlier this year said people as young as 25 should be taking the cholesterol-busting drugs to ward off heart attacks and strokes.

In January 2023, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (Nice) watchdog which provides guidelines for the NHS, released a set of new recommendations suggesting that statins should be rolled out on a far wider scale for those at risk of cardiovascular disease.

Around 10 million people in England are currently eligible for the cholesterol-lowering drugs but Nice has recommended widening the window of eligibility to encompass those between 25 and 84 who are deemed to have a 10 per cent or higher risk of a cardiovascular event in the next decade. It would mean that up to 25 million people could receive statins, with the aim of preventing the onset of cardiovascular disease, a set of chronic illnesses that are responsible for one in four deaths.



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13 Apr 2022
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No, I would not take statins. :geek: Cholesterol is necessary for life. I'd look at LDL-P and ApoB and the size of the cholesterol particles (you want fluffy not dense particles) in my cholesterol test and make changes in my diet and exercise regimen if the particles are dense; dense particles will cause plaque which blocks arteries. I'd also add a fibrin controlling supplement to keep my blood clear of extra fibrin, such as serrapeptase. *This shouldn't be construed as medical advice; always check with your doctor if you make any changes in your health supplementation.
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