Sky to Introduce Content Skip

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Sky is known to innovate for their premium TV service with advanced new features such as UHD, HDR and their Sky Q Mini boxes for multiroom TV viewing among many others. They're also known for showing an awful lot of advertising on their premium channels and some of those adverts can actually compete with the content for entertainment value. Hence, it turns out that a surprising number of viewers actually enjoy watching them and therefore don't want to skip them, so Sky will soon cater to them - for a fee, of course.

Called Content Skip, it does exactly what it says: when a viewer plays a recorded program, they just press the Content Skip button on their remote which will go straight to the ads and play all the ad breaks one after the other, without having to repeatedly press that button. Once the viewer has had their fill of ads, they can go back and watch the program like normal, presumably skipping them this time.

Benefits include skipping boring football matches to watch just the ads at half time (around 7 minutes of them!) and the ones after the game. Similar can be done with other sport, especially cricket, which really is boring. It can even be used on the BBC, where it skips to the program previews between programs.

Ads are already unskippable by default on Sky's streaming service, costing £5 / month to make them skippable. Hence, Sky will initially offer Content Skip at the low introductory price of £2 / month, due to increase to £5 after some time yet to be determined.

This feature is due to be rolled out to the new Sky Stream and Sky Glass platforms in the next few weeks and will require a new remote control with the Content Skip button. No word on Sky Q which is being slowly phased out as Sky will only continue satellite delivery for another decade or so, but we believe it won't happen there.

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