Take GB News off air, says Caroline Nokes (and Retro)


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4 Jun 2021
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I totally agree with this sentiment from her but for different reasons. Nigel Farage has got a daily show on there where he continues to spout pro brexit and other right wing garbage. The man makes me sick as he was successful in conning the UK out of the EU with brexit and yet is still living it large. He should be in jail for that instead. Make no mistake, while there were plenty of rich and powerful people in this tory government and elsewhere who wanted brexit in order to enrich themselves even further, he was the catalyst that made it happen, so, anything short of extremes, to deplatform the odious Farage is ok with me.

As far as the channel as a whole goes, they've got a lot of right wing propaganda on there which corrupts people receptive to it, but can also have decent news articles, depending on the subject, so I'd be satisfied with significant reform rather than shutting it down. I don't mind if the latter does happen though. They've got something like 4 Ofcom investigations on their back right now and tend to be hit by scandals which is a lot for a young TV station of just two years, so you never know.

GB News should be taken off air in the wake of Laurence Fox’s comments, a Conservative MP has said – as Ofcom received more than 7,000 complaints over the misogyny scandal.

Oh, those comments were awful. Here's what was said by Fox and why Dan Wootton was summarily fired:

Fox, the former actor and leader of The Reclaim Party, appeared on the Dan Wootton Tonight show on Tuesday and said of a female journalist: “Who would want to shag that?”

Wootton did not reprimand his guest and sent a joking message to Fox afterwards.

GB News has suspended both men, while the parent group of MailOnline announced that it had terminated Wootton’s contract and regular column.

You just don't do that live on air. Just no.

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