Tories actively encouraging children traffickers: hundreds go missing


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4 Jun 2021
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If this sounds like clickbait to get your attention, it's not. This government's policies are allowing asylum seeker children who arrived here without a guardian to go missing and are doing nothing about it. A secure facility could have been created in France for all asylum seekers, including kids, to wait in while their applications are processed and that would have even made money, but the tories choose not do this. It even leaves them politically vulnerable to other right wing parties. As Phil Moorhouse coins it, this is "stupid evil", the worst kind.

This is a new low for the tories if ever there was one. Watch the video for full details.

What isn't mentioned here though, is what are Labour doing to point out this problem, which I find odd.

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24 May 2022
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I think it showed Jonathan Gullis's evil side with the call that 'Well they shouldn’t have come here illegally.' because *literal children* are so obviously empowered to make that judgement call. The expected non-apology on social media was just that, some blither about reflecting on what he'd said or somesuch - but of course the Twitter account has since been deleted.


5 Aug 2022
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The astroturf is ridiculous, and this issue is new to me which means that they're succeeding at it. I don't expect them to make a working system for immigration, though it would be good. I do agree with the idea that a booth in France for citizenship wouldn't work though.

I also was aware of the recent 'Green push', and my local park has started putting up signs asking us to petition the local council to overturn a new privatisation of green areas bill. Doesn't take a genius to put 2+2 together.
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