Woman loses £40k in online "Martin Lewis" crypto scam


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4 Jun 2021
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All the hallmarks of a scam were there, yet she says she had no clue. I reckon she was simply in denial, hoping like hell it would all work out. People can be so stupid. Now she has to repay the scam loans back at more than a grand a month! 😮 Interesting how she's still liable for them even though the loans were fraudulent. Normally victims get the money back from the bank, so it would be interesting to know the details of the case and why she's liable for it.

For the record, Martin Lewis never promotes investments and certainly not crypto currency which is dodgy as hell.

Trading standards have been trying to help a woman who lost £40,000 in an online scam.

Janet Quinn, the scams lead officer for Heart of the South West Trading Standards office, said online cryptocurrency fraud is on the rise.

"Cryptocurrency, bitcoin, any type of investment scam is big at the moment," said Ms Quinn.

"People are trying to find a way to make quick or easy money because of the cost of living crisis."



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27 Nov 2021
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At this point, crypto is almost synonymous with scams.
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