A Red in the Clouds: The Thrills and Spills of Cloud Gaming with GeForce NOW

A Journey into the World of GeForce NOW, Cloud Gaming, and Retro Emulation.



There's no denying that cloud gaming services are causing a stir in the gaming world, and the revamped GeForce NOW is right at the heart of the excitement. In this article, we dive into GeForce NOW's potential as the future of gaming, its pros, and cons, and how to make the most out of this service on various devices. Buckle up and let’s explore the cloud!

GeForce NOW: A Glimpse into the Future of Gaming

GeForce NOW has revolutionized gaming with its virtual 4080 rigs, accessible globally by May this year, and providing an incredible 4K/120Hz gaming experience without the need for high-spec PC rigs. Perfect for laptops, tablets, and mobile devices, gamers can now enjoy top-quality gaming without breaking the bank on hardware.

VR Gaming: The Struggle for AAA Titles

The allure of the PSVR2 is strong, but its high entry cost and limited user base hold back the development of AAA games. Until there is a more robust game library, this VR dilemma may make some gamers hesitate before investing.

Why I Didn't Choose the Steam Deck

The Steam Deck seemed like a dream come true, but a few factors stopped me from purchasing it: my small Steam library, the lack of an OLED screen, and its poor battery life. Instead, I chose to explore the promising world of GeForce NOW.

Maximizing Your GeForce NOW Experience

A stable internet connection (around 35MB/s) is crucial for the best GeForce NOW experience. Here is how to optimize your connection:
  • Reboot your router before gaming sessions.
  • Connect to a 5GHz network if possible.
  • Adjust settings according to your device, such as the M1 MacBook Air (2020) – Within the GeForce NOW settings, set your resolution to 2650 x 1600 manually and 60Hz refresh rate – Found under ‘streaming’ set to ‘custom’ and set.

GeForce Now: Choose Your Tier
  1. Free version: Access lower-spec PC rigs after joining a queue.
  2. Founders' edition: Enjoy priority access to rigs.
  3. Ultimate Edition (£17.99/month): Experience the best of GeForce NOW, without included games.

Pairing Your Controller

Whether you have an Xbox or PS5 controller, pairing is a breeze by following these simple steps:
  • For Xbox: Hold the pairing button until the 'X' symbol flashes, then add the controller through Bluetooth devices on your computer or NVIDIA Shield Pro
  • For PS5: Hold down the 'share' and PS button, then add the controller through Bluetooth devices on your computer or NVIDIA Shield Pro

Console Comparison: PS5 vs Xbox Series X

Though I own both consoles, my preference leans towards the PS5 due to its better user interface and exclusive games. However, I still crave the more detailed graphics of PC gaming, which led me to try GeForce NOW.
The GeForce NOW Experience: Pros and Cons

  • Affordable alternative to expensive gaming PCs
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Fanless MacBook Air runs GeForce NOW without overheating

  • Requires tinkering and settings adjustments.
  • Must enter passwords for game launchers, which needs mouse and keyboard.
  • Non-intuitive UI when launching games

Games I've Tried on GeForce NOW

From Splinter Cell Blacklist to Far Cry 6, GeForce NOW delivers a thrilling gaming experience. I encountered an issue with 'Control Ultimate Edition' but resolved it with NVIDIA customer services' help.

Retro-Gaming Emulation on Mac

Using OpenEmu, I have successfully run emulation on both my NVIDIA Shield Pro and MacBook Air. While mapping controller buttons and dealing with Bluetooth connections can be tricky, the possibilities of cloud and retro gaming are exhilarating.

Happy Cloud and Retro Gaming!


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