AI used to generate scam kidnapping calls


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4 Jun 2021
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Scams can normally be easily spotted by anyone paying just a little attention, but the use of AI has significantly raised the bar. AI is now being used to create scam kidnappings, where the "victim" isn't the kidnapped, as there isn't one, but the being person called for the ransom money.

This example cloned the voice of a mother's daughter where it was used to try and scam her out of thousands of dollars. Only the quick thinking of a friend who proved that her daughter was safe and well saved this woman from being scammed.

It pays to be vigilant about anything scam related, but in today's world of increasingly advanced AI, those scams are becoming harder to spot, even by those normally unlikely to fall for them.

I've always been leary of putting pictures and videos of myself online as they can so easily be misused, but this takes it to a whole new level, so be very careful what you post online about yourself nowadays, regardless of platform.

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