Dominic Cummings wants to start new political party and become prime minister


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4 Jun 2021
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Thought you'd seen the last of that awful Dominic Cummings when he got fired by the equally awful Boris Johnson? Think again. Now he wants to be running the country as prime minister by starting up a new party and winning the election in 2028.

Just what is it with these people and their lust for power ffs? I'm thinking Johnson, Cummings and of course, Trump. All the worst of the worst trying to get the top job and sometimes succeeding in duping the gullible into voting for them. Then we all suffer.

Boris Johnson’s ex chief of staff is plotting a startup political party to take on the Conservatives in the election after next.

Dominic Cummings has said it is “time to build a startup” to “replace the rotten Tories and win in 2028”.

But a Tory critic dismissed the plan, telling The Times it was “yet more mad ramblings from a narcissistic egomaniac who is thankfully becoming increasingly irrelevant”.

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