Linux hits all time high of 3% desktop PC market share after 30 years


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4 Jun 2021
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Took a long, long while then, but better than nothing.

If we see another misinformation campaign about Linux from Microsoft like that BS "naked PCs" one they had 20 odd years ago, then we know it's truly starting to threaten Microsoft's market dominance. I hope Linux continues to grow and finally gives Microsoft some competition in the desktop space. It already kicks their butt in the server space.

I remember dabbling with it years ago and felt its power: it's real. Linux enthusiasts are not kidding when they talk about its power, since an average distro is similar in power and features to Microsoft's top-end server operating systems. And it costs nothing, ie zero pounds or dollars: it's just a DRM-free download away and none of that product activation crap that Microsoft foists on its customers. If ever there was something I despise it's that.

This post is for @Geffers and all other Linux enthusiasts. :cool:
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