Motorway middle lane hogger gets nailed by police


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4 Jun 2021
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We've all seen them, these assholes that insist in driving slowly in the middle lane, breaking the Highway Code and getting in everybody's way. And just like this fine example doing a mere 60mph in the middle lane of the M4, they usually refuse to pull over when flashed, either. I've been stuck behind them enough times to know. This one refused to pull over even with a marked police car telling him to do so!

I have nothing but contempt for such people and it's not even clear why they do it.

Police have sparked a debate on social media after pulling over a Skoda driver who was "hogging" the middle lane of the M4.

Wiltshire Police's Roads Policing Unit were patrolling on the M4 in the county on Friday morning when they came across a Skoda remaining in lane two "for absolutely no reason".

The car was doing just over 60 miles per hour, the force spokesperson said, and not even a marked police car behind them prompted them to move over.

I do wonder why this picture is of such poor quality when HD is standard nowadays.
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