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1 Jul 2021
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Personal VPN

Many of us run servers on our home systems now, I personally run a number of different servers for use on my home network, naturally if away from home ports have to be opened up if we require access.

One of the easiests ways I find is to run a personal VPN - I use a Raspeberry Pi computer for this purpose, first burn the Raspberry Pi OS and then install - it uses openVPN which is cross platform and therefore relatively easy to use.

I am no expert on openVPN but using the installation script (I always view the script rather than run blindly, don't understand it all but at least have a look) it is up and running relatively quickly. Once an openVPN configuration file is created then clients are available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android to connect.

Now, away from home use openVPN to connect and once confirmed connected you are now able to access any servers on your remote home network, the only port needed to be open on the router is the chosen openVPN port, default 1194.

I live in UK but currently in California, able to access any files on my UK home network that I require, actually used a client on my firestick and therefore able to access UK streaming services too, cancel VPN connection then get US streaming services.

I am currently using an old Raspberry Pi 1 (They are up to Pi 5 now) for this purpose so not necessary to use a fast device, my upload speeds from UK are maximum 7mbps and often bit slower but have had no issues with streaming.

Worth looking at.

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