Rowan Atkinson feels duped by electric cars


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4 Jun 2021
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I don't normally bother with opinion pieces from celebrities, however, Rowan Atkinson actually has a university degree in "electrical and electronic engineering, with a subsequent master’s in control systems", according to his claim in this piece. Plus, what he says in it is very sensible, so I think it's well worth a read and reflects some of the things I think about electric cars, namely that the battery is their achilles heel and a big one, at that.

As you may know, the government has proposed a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030. The problem with the initiative is that it seems to be based on conclusions drawn from only one part of a car’s operating life: what comes out of the exhaust pipe. Electric cars, of course, have zero exhaust emissions, which is a welcome development, particularly in respect of the air quality in city centres. But if you zoom out a bit and look at a bigger picture that includes the car’s manufacture, the situation is very different.



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28 Nov 2022
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I feel perplexed by the modern world always ensuring that our destiny is electric cars. There are so many green options appearing for automotives and electric cars have numerous questions about how bad they will be for the environment long term. I completely agree that we should be moving towards green cars, but the feeling of "electric cars are our only possible decision" just seems wrong with so much potential being discovered each year.
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