The 2000 era retro PC built from new old stock parts


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4 Jun 2021
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This retro PC is built from (mostly) new, sealed parts dating back to the 2000 era, including a 1GHz Pentium 3 and 256MB RAM. It's fascinating to see how much our PCs have evolved since then and also to see how they're basically the same, really just using greatly improved versions of the parts that went into this one.

There's a few twists and turns during this build, so it's worth watching all the way through, not least for the brand new el-cheapo no-name brand "450W" PSU that didn't work. He takes it apart and really slags it off for being so garbage lol.

It's a glorious 70 minutes long, so I recommend breaking out your favourite popcorn before sitting down to watch it.

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