UK cinemagoers hail return of intermissions as films hit three-hour mark

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4 Jun 2021
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I remember intermissions the first time round and I quite liked them. In particular, they had staff coming round selling ice cream and treats to top up my dwindling supply. For long movies and the call of nature especially, they're a very good idea, so glad to see they're making a return.

The other day, I watched the Avatar movie below at home and at 3h12m, it was good to be able to split it up into a few shifts over a couple of days to make it manageable.

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According to the cinema chain Vue, screenings of Killers of the Flower Moon that include a break halfway through have been a huge hit with customers, who have appreciated the opportunity to stretch their legs or go to the toilet.

“Our recent market analysis showed customers would like to see the return of intermissions,” Vue’s chief executive, Tim Richards, said. “And so far, we’ve seen 74% positive feedback from those who have tried our interval.”

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