Why isn't Labour more pro EU?


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4 Jun 2021
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Let's face it, like them or not, the Labour party is the only one which actually stands a chance of removing the corrupt and disastrous tories at the next general election in May 2024, so their position on critical issues is very important.

Why then, is Starmer's official position to "make brexit work", rule out rejoining, free movement of people and other things, then? The answer, apparently, is that brexit, incredibly, isn't such a hot-button issue for most voters nowadays, if polls are to be believed.

However, the country is swinging ever more against brexit as the clusterfuck that it is becomes ever more apparent, so this may not be such a good position for Starmer to take as time goes on - time will tell. The key explanation for this is at 4:26, but I recommend watching the video from the start for the full context and understanding.

Personally, I don't think continuing to pander to this shitty brexit is a good idea at all, which is what brought us to this point in the first place, but what do I know, eh?

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5 Aug 2022
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In my local constituency we're fighting anything Labour does because it's Tory in practice and Kier Starmer strikes me as the type of person to act like a Tory the instant he gets any power. Labour in my experience have had no real position on Brexit though I wouldn't be surprised if they're pro brexit.

Hope for Lib dem instead of Kier as our next PM.
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