Final Fight & Night Slashers - more arcade fun on the Amiga 1200


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13 Jun 2021
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A relatively new channel has appeared on YouTube, demonstrating a couple of arcade conversions-in-progress. 'Amiga Game Developer' is creating a game engine for the Amiga, so it's possible both are examples of this engine's progress.

First, we have Final Fight - Capcom's seminal scrolling beat 'em up, created for the 68000-based CP System (AKA CPS-1), theoretically making it a shoo-in for the Amiga range:

Then there's Night Slashers, a similar style of game developed by Data East

Dunno about anyone else, but I'm truly fascinated by the number of arcade conversions being developed for the Amiga now, and how faithful they're trying to be within the limitations of they system(s). As a huge arcade fan, and given that Tiertex and Creative Materials butchered a lot of the original home conversions back in the day (Final Fight included), this is very exciting trend for me.
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