Razzies for large establishments who selflessly deliver the worst possible customer service


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4 Jun 2021
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Hot on the heels of the small American restaurant who selflessly deliver awful customer service, including hunting down their (ex) customers to tell them off (see bottom link) here are the Oscars Razzies for various large companies and government institutions who go the extra mile to deliver truly diabolical customer service for you, Dear Valued Customer. :D We can confidently say that they've heard of great customer service, but have rejected it outright and therefore should be clearly recognized for their selfless contributions.

Since most people in the UK live a stress-free, fulfilling and well-funded perfect life, I believe that many of them should give these companies their business in order to put some much-needed excitement into their lives, and hair loss.

Waddya think?

These are troubling times for big business. Traders, fighting for survival, need to focus on money. They absolutely do not have the time and resources to hand-hold unreasonable customers who insist on receiving goods and services in return for their outlay.

What these customers don’t realise is that companies have already lavished lucre on their wellbeing. They invest in moving mission statements so we know our payments are supporting social justice. They sink turnover into alluring marketing campaigns to win loyalty. When we stump up, they would reward us with the wares – if global forces didn’t conspire against them. Your faulty new car can’t be fixed? That’ll be because of the war in Ukraine. A refund can’t be processed? Blame the pandemic.

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