Shenmue on the Sega Saturn


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13 Jun 2021
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One of the many great disappointments of the Saturn era was that Shenmue got cancelled and the whole project moved over to the Dreamcast.
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If I remember correctly, it had been suggested that the Saturn version would have required one of the 4Mb RAM upgrade carts. These were already routinely packaged with some Japan-only releases like X-Men vs. Street Fighter, Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter and SF Zero 3, so they weren't exactly rare.

Then again, even if Saturn Shenmue had progressed and been released, there would have been no guarantee of an English translation and Western release, since both Sega's American and European branches gave up on the machine far earlier than the parent company... Even then, we're getting fan translations of many games now, and the work on translating Bulk Slash even includes newly-recorded English language voice work for the co-pilots. Who knows what dedicated fans, 20-odd years after the event, might have accomplished with a game like Shenmue.
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