Mortal Kombat on the Spectrum


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13 Jun 2021
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There seems to have been several different versions, but this appears to be the latest (and most complete?):
The sprites are tiny, so the entire stage background can be shown on a single screen, and this one appears to be based more on the live action movie than on any of the games, since some of the stages are clearly locations from the movie, and the cutscenes/character bios use images taken from the movies. Weirdest of all are the self-insert characters based on the developers!

Here's one of the others - larger sprites and with scrolling backgrounds, but without any colour. The colour flashing effect in the character select screen probably works better on a CRT than on LCD monitors, but it's clever nonetheless:

Makes me wonder if I should try downgrading arcade graphics from MK to the SAM, like I did for Street Fighter...
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