Should accidental killer bus driver be jailed?

Should the bus driver be jailed?

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4 Jun 2021
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To set the scenario for the poll, assume that what happened is a total accident with no malicious intention, as claimed by the bus driver. Essentially, he pressed the wrong pedal by mistake, ramming his bus into the parked one in front, killing the poor woman and injuring two other people.

The way I see it, genuine mistakes happen, sometimes with terrible consequences like this, so in my opinion, he shouldn't get a punishment like jail, but should definitely lose his job as he can't be trusted anymore and this must be prevented from happening again with him. He should also be liable for a large sum of money to the family of the victim. Of course, without a job and likely a man of modest means, how he'd ever pay it is another matter.

A bus driver is facing jail for killing a woman who was knocked over outside London’s Victoria railway station.

Bus driver Olusofa Popoola, 60, had accidentally accelerated into the back of a stationary bus in front, shunting it forward and into pedestrian Melissa Burr.

Ms Burr, 32, died from multiple injuries and the other bus driver, Diane Mathuranayagum, suffered a fractured eye socket in the incident in Terminus Place on the morning of August 10 2021.

Popoola admitted causing Ms Burr’s death by careless driving and said he had pressed the accelerator instead of the brake by mistake.



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30 Apr 2023
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In the case that he accidently killed someone i'd say he probably would have to face charges of manslaughter.
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