Stray - a game for cat lovers everywhere (review)


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4 Jun 2021
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If you love cats, you'll really like this game.

To be released tomorrow, 19.07.22 and currently at 10% off on Steam (£23.99 / £21.59) this is the adventure of a ginger cat in a strange, dystopian world. It's brilliantly done, with the movement and mannerisms (and meows!) of a real cat, captured very well. Available on the PC, PS4 & PS5.

I'll be buying it on PC.

Stray is certainly a game that grabs your attention. The core concept of a cat exploring a dark Blade-Runner-esque post-apocalyptic world is intriguing, and the game’s vivid, ultra-detailed presentation is pretty astounding considering this game’s the work of a small first-time studio. It’s no surprise Stray immediately jumped to the top of many people’s “Most Anticipated Indies” list.

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