The nuclear megathread


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12 Jul 2022
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I'm going to post here on nuclear power. I do know that it's the best we have currently but want to know... more. This video introduces it well enough and shows how it stacks up to other power sources.

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Nuclear has a big advantage that wasn't touched on in the video—it uses way less land than renewables (wind/solar). It provides a consistent amount of energy, unlike solar which stops producing power around the time when power usage peaks. To properly compare nuclear to renewables the cost of energy storage needs to be added to the cost.

What i find fascinating is how they explain why radiation sounds scary. Its very similar to the fear of those who wont use microwaves because microwaves (the actual waves) can be terrifying. Like radiation, microwaves are invisible, and like radiation, microwaves can kill us in horrifying ways. Yet almost everyone living in a 1st world country have microwave ovens in their kitchen, but we're all afraid of even living remotely close to a nuclear power plant.

The chart that interested me the most is the one that showed deaths per unit of energy (I assume Joules)

I will be posting more findings later.


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4 Jun 2021
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I actually wrote an article about nuclear power some time ago below, so this thread really should be part of that, but I'll allow it.

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