Boris Johnson has surrendered to COVID-19 – he should never be forgiven


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4 Jun 2021
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I agree with this editorial. The experts aren't too keen on removing lockdown among surging cases. I'm not surprised that this charlatan of a "prime" minister is doing this, along with his corrupt and shambolic government who foisted brexit on us.

I hate lockdown as much as the next man, but it will still be a relief to take off that mask at work and public places like supermarkets. Maybe, I'll be able to visit a friend or two as well, without having to meet outside every time.



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13 Jun 2021
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Kinda not surprising, considering what a feckless guy he is... Interesting character assassination on BoJo here:
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Personally, I'll probably carry on wearing a mask, particularly on public transport. Even after my second dose of the vaccine, later this week. I've always been susceptible to chest infections, and the Tube is a awful for spreading coughs, colds and 'flu because of people insisting that they have to go to work however ill they are. Even if it only reduces the ongoing risk, it's worth doing.
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