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4 Jun 2021
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This section is for us animal lovers to share the lighter side of animals: funny and cute stories and videos about animals to make us laugh and feel happy. Nothing showing distress or cruelty, even if the animal is saved and looks happy afterwards.

Also, note that some animal "rescue" videos are anything but: the animals have been put into those positions by scammers who then "save" them to fleece donations from unsuspecting marks. They invariably show an animal initially in great distress which then gets "saved" to maximise the pull on heartstrings and often have YouTube channels full of these junk videos. Please, no videos of animals hunting either, even though it's unfortunately the natural order in the wild. Nature is a cruel mistress as we know all too well.

I'm going to seed this section with a few threads to get it going, some of which will show the kinds of rescue stories that are acceptable. Some of the threads will have been moved over from other areas, too.

You can discuss the serious side of animals, including showing distressing stuff if necessary (please put a warning), but please do so in General Discussion. I may create a section for it one day if there's enough discussion on those sorts of topics.

If you're not sure of anything, then please run it by me in a pm first, or just post it in General Discussion.
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