[UPDATED] Beware of buying from Newegg: how they flog defective products and then deny you a refund

UPDATE 22.02.2022: The Gamers Nexus Newegg interview video posted today is in the next post. Note: it's best to watch the ones in this post first to maintain the correct chronological order and get the full picture.

They simply claim that you broke it, even when the shipping box hasn't been opened and good luck getting them to change their minds.

However, they picked on the wrong customer when they targeted major tech YouTube channel Gamers Nexus who have clout and therefore actually have the means to get past this roadblock. Looks like fraud, a scam to me and to GN. There's evidence that this fraud is widespread too, judging by the many comments of similar experiences sent to GN. Imagine what it feels like to get scammed on a very expensive $500 motherboard?!

Here's GN's saga in three videos and there's a fourth to come once they've interviewed Newegg, on camera. I'll be updating this post when they publish it.

Personally, I won't touch Newegg after what I've seen here (yes, they ship to the UK). I'll continue buying all of my computer parts from https://amazon.co.uk and https://scan.co.uk who have great customer service.



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Gamers Nexus have just posted their comprehensive face-to-face interview with Newegg. It didn't go brilliantly according to Steve Burke (GN owner and presenter), but there's room for optimism that things will now improve.

Watch the video (the previous ones above first if not yet done so), then make up your own mind, especially if you're a Newegg customer or thinking of making your first purchase there. I for one will wait for the follow-up videos from GN and will look for significant improvements over an extended time period before I'll consider buying from them - trust takes time to rebuild.

When I can get such excellent customer service from Amazon or Scan, I don't see why I should take a risk on a retailer with a history of problems like this and one that has to ship internationally, too.

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