Unfortunately for the Tories Liz Truss is the gift that keeps on giving


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4 Jun 2021
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I don't normally post about political opinion columns, but this one from John Crace is a gem. What a brutal, sarcastic roasting of that useless Liz Truss. Check out this paragraph and then enjoy the rest of the article. I love the highlighted bit, especially.

Still, there’s one thing no one can take away from her. She has at least advanced the cause of women in politics. Sort of. Not so long ago, women had to be twice as good as men to succeed to the top jobs in government. Truss has shattered that particular glass ceiling. She is living proof that a woman can now be every bit as useless as a man and still become prime minister. What a legacy. Admittedly May had nudged us in that direction, but Truss is an icon of incoherence. Radon – “she’s a gas, but she’s inert” – Liz is a beacon for the brainless everywhere. Oxford should be rethinking its PPE course as we speak.

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